How to be a Team Player

For the past couple of years (13 to be exact) I’ve been more or less a one-man army… Booking shows and event, designing talks and performances and training courses and…
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The Battle of your Brain

With the December holiday just around the corner and the gyms and health clubs overflowing with the “fly-by-night”, would-be fanatics hoping to drop a few kilos and get into shape…
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DOUBLE your learning speed

The key to learning a new motor skill – such as playing the piano or mastering a new sport – isn’t necessarily how many hours you spend practising, but the…
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Go On… Hypnotize me…

Many entertainers who utilize hypnosis in their performances would agree that you would normally steer clear of any participant or volunteer who begins by saying something along the lines of:…
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Hypnosis: A ‘Magic Bullet’?

In the past few weeks I've been getting a lot of clients who walk into my office, sit down and tell me “OK, here I am, please fix me quickly…”…
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