Myths About The Brain

Lately I've heard a lot of rabble going on regarding the old myth of “we only use 10% of our brains” and it got me thinking: Is this true? ARE we actually…
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Leadership Fundamentals

The future is shaped by the decisions we make every moment of every day. Basically, the decisions you make NOW, will determine the quality of your future experiences. There are…
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Goal Setting For Go-Getters

Many business professionals and life coaches hammer on the topic of "goal setting" regularly and most of us have heard this term many times in our lives. But what exactly…
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Power of Words

Words... are they a mere form of communicating our thoughts and feelings with others, or is there a deeper, more important function of these sounds that we create, utter, understand…
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Mind Magic

In a recent interview with a respected magazine, I was asked what my insights were with regards to mind magic and the different skills, areas of knowledge and research that…
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