What is Street Hypnosis?

Before we delve into the explanation and deeper ideas surrounding Street Hypnosis, it would be advised to first read the article about what is hypnosis, so that we are on…
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Why the Type of Therapy Doesn’t Matter

In the past couple of years of doing therapy and coaching and assisting clients to overcome their challenges, it started to become more and more apparent to me that, like…
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What Is Mentalism?

The majority of the public are aware of stage hypnosis and have either seen, heard of, attended or participated in one form or another of stage hypnosis. Others again have…
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Resolve Internal Conflict

When we as people have two or more conflicting internal representations of something, these different representations may create different belief systems which could then create different types of perceptions, emotions…
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Successful Studying

Many of our students ask what the secrets are to successful studying and memorizing the immense amount of information we take in on a constant daily and weekly basis. The…
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