Hypnosis FAQ


We regularly receive questions regarding some of the techniques Tony uses in his performances and very often these questions have a lot in common.  Since there are those who are left with the idea that there are some “supernatural forces” at play, after witnessing Tony in action, we have compiled a list of some hypnosis FAQ, accompanied by answers from Tony himself.

If you still feel that you have a valid question that is not in the list below, then please feel free to ask a question and we will do our best to answer it in the quickest possible time.




What is Hypnosis?

This question gets asked so many times, that Tony has actually written a blog post about it.
Go and read the post to answer this question in depth.


Is Hypnosis Mind Control?

Since hypnosis operates on the unconscious level of the mind and your values and beliefs are also stored in the unconscious, whenever any suggestion goes against your values or beliefs it will cause you to come out of the hypnotic trance state.  Hence the idea of “Mind Control” is a little far-fetched .
To get a better idea of what “Mind Control” is and isn’t, take a look at this article that discusses it in more detail.


Can I get Stuck In Hypnosis?

Hypnosis works on the principle of bypassing the conscious, critical part of the mind and stimulating the unconscious part of the mind. If the unconscious were to not be stimulated, it will activate the conscious part of the mind again and the subject will awake out of the hypnotic state. So getting “stuck” in hypnosis is highly unlikely.


Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

That would be the same as saying that breathing is dangerous.  Hypnosis is a completely natural occurrence that every single person performs multiple times on a daily basis.  The only difference is that with a “formal” induction, the hypnotic state is directed towards an outcome, whereas normally the subject would induce a state of self-hypnosis without any specific direction or goal intended.


Is Hypnosis “Witchcraft”?

If you have ever driven a car, read a book, taken a ride in an elevator or even watched a movie – then you have been in a hypnotic state of mind.
So to say that hypnosis is “witchcraft” would mean that each and every person is a witch, because we all perform hypnosis on ourselves daily, without even realizing it.


Does a “weak-minded” person make a better subject than a “strong-minded” person? 

Strength of mind really has little to do with it.  Either a weak-minded or strong minded person who “resists” will make a poor hypnotic subject. On the other hand, a weak or strong-minded person who cooperates will be a good subject.
However, due to the fact that Hypnosis helps a person gain greater control over both mind and body, it can help a person to develop a stronger mind.


Will I be asleep?

When a person is in a hypnotic state of mind, he/she is not asleep, but rather very much aware of all that is going on.  In actuality, during Hypnosis, one’s senses become heightened and more acute.  Of course, if a person is tired, it is possible to fall asleep during hypnosis, since it is such a deeply relaxing experience.  However, if this occurs, the subject is then asleep and no longer in hypnosis and the state of sleep that is experienced is a light but relaxing.  A simple suggestion given by the hypnotist to “wake up”  is all that is required to rouse the subject.


Can a person become addicted to Hypnosis?

Even though hypnosis is the most relaxing experience that any person can ever undergo and a few people call themselves “hypno junkies”, this is merely a figure of speech.  Hypnosis is not in any way habit forming and a person can resist being hypnotized anytime he or she desires, regardless of how many times he/she has been hypnotized.