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Mind MagicIn a recent interview with a respected magazine, I was asked what my insights were with regards to mind magic and the different skills, areas of knowledge and research that I find interesting and are of relevance to the work that I do…

This articles focusses on exactly that:


If I were to ask you NOT to think of a blue tree… what image comes to mind as I express my intent for you to NOT think of a blue tree?

I suppose an image of a blue tree, correct?

Now, if I were to suggest to you that whilst NOT thinking of that blue tree, don’t pay any attention to the size of the trunk and the thickness of the branches and especially not the size and shape of the leaves, because that would just give away immediately “what type of tree it is…”

In a sense what I have done is infiltrated your thinking pattern by using my language. Not even language that I spoke verbally, but by using the mere understanding you make out of the written symbols that form the words and phrases typed out on this page.

This is but a drop in the bucket of where the magical journey into the mind begins.

For the past decade I have been learning from and studying under numerous specialists, experts, professionals, teachers, trainers and mentors to discover and understand the deeper workings of the mind, because not only does human behaviour and thinking fascinate me, but I also believe that by understanding the process of thought, we as a species can better understand ourselves.

My extensive array of studies have assisted me to develop quite a unique skill-set and has given me the ability to not only facilitate positive change in others, but to also be a guide to those whom have lost all hope for a better existence.

“Motivational Speaking” is a thing of the past… The reason I say this is because when someone sits and listens to a “Motivational Speaker”, he/she becomes motivated and energised and want to take action to improve their lives…


Soon afterwards they fall back into their “comfort zones” and regress to the same mindset that caused the difficulties they were facing and thus recreates those difficulties and challenges.

With the work and research that I do, it is my belief to not only motivate people, but to equip them with the necessary mental tools that they can use to overcome the challenges they face.  I do this by demonstrating different ideas and exposing numerous “loop holes” that can be found in the thinking processes that people engage in on a daily basis.

My clients and audiences EXPERIENCE the freedom that comes with mastering ones mind and having it work FOR you rather than against you so that one can enjoy a fulfilling life for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.


My techniques include a range of different methodologies to the likes of

  • Psychology
  • Psycho Analysis
  • Suggestion (hypnosis)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Neuro Semantics
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Deduction
  • Misdirection
  • Showmanship


As well as other bits and pieces of invaluable knowledge I have picked up on my journey.

However, the main concept I adhere to is FLEXIBILITY.

To me, the only way to progress, evolve and become more than the sum of your parts is to be completely flexible.

The main reason so many individuals are facing unwanted challenges is the mere fact that they have been inflexible in their approach to overcoming the mentioned challenges.

Be it because of lack of knowledge or because of inappropriate mental attitude or lack of example, the point still remains that the more options one has and the more flexible you become, the greater the amount of change that can be facilitated.

So, with that said and realising now that this whole time you – who have been reading the words on this page and probably been agreeing to the concepts I have shared with you in a few paragraphs of unspoken language and have been “hearing” an internal voice in your mind as you read the words and have been making sense of what is written here – have had in your mind an image of a blue tree with all the specifics of the trunk size, branches and leaves locked in your thoughts this whole time…

NOW, if I may be so bold… and ask you to honestly answer the following:

That perhaps the TYPE of tree you have had in your mind this whole time…


Was perhaps an OAK tree…?

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