Power of Words

power of wordsWords… are they a mere form of communicating our thoughts and feelings with others, or is there a deeper, more important function of these sounds that we create, utter, understand and attach meaning to on an unconscious level?
What would you say if I told you that words are the single most important influence of not only how others perceive and experience you, but also that words govern the manner in which you determine your emotions surrounding your experiences and your reality as a whole…?

Wouldn’t you like to almost instantaneously harness the power from the words you already use and direct that power towards a more compelling life and a more fulfilling existence, now?
Many believe that words are only a way in which we communicate our internal thoughts, feelings and ideas to others who share our external reality.
Is this true? Are words merely a form of communication or do they play a much more important role in our existence than what we are currently aware of consciously?

You see, if the function of words was only for communication purposes, then all they would be would be sounds created by our minds to share the information that exists inside of us with the people who exist outside of us.
However, words play a much more important role than mere communication. The way we choose to use our words literally creates our existence and feeds back to us the way in which we experience that existence that we have created with our words.

Think about it this way:
How is it that whenever we watch a movie, it creates certain emotions within us?
There are some moving pictures on the screen with accompanying words that match what is occurring on the screen. That’s it! Mere moving pictures and
words… However, because of that which we are hearing and seeing we have certain emotions that are created because of this external influence. So if words are only for communicating, why are we having emotional reactions to them?
Simply put, because words are so much more than that.

Words are the paintbrushes we use to paint the pictures of the mind. Words are the artistic tools that each and every person knows how to use to explain and share – as best they know how – their thoughts, emotions, ideas and internal reality to everyone and everything else on the reality outside of themselves. Words are also the way in which we confirm our reality to ourselves. The manner in which we choose to label
and discuss our reality creates our emotions for our reality and in that way we live in the reality we have created.

Words, and more specifically language, are the single most important and governing factor that determines how we view the world inside and around us,
because language elicits and determines all our emotions.

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