What is Street Hypnosis?

street hypnosisBefore we delve into the explanation and deeper ideas surrounding Street Hypnosis, it would be advised to first read the article about what is hypnosis, so that we are on the same page with regards to the topic of hypnosis in general, before we discuss the more striking topic of Street Hypnosis…

With that said, let’s take a look at what makes Street Hypnosis such a favourite topic amongst the influence and persuasion crowd…

At the core, there really isn’t much difference between “normal” hypnosis and street hypnosis, other than a few techniques we’ll be discussing in this article.

Although many believe street hypnosis to be “the new fad”, it actually dates back to the 18th century, when mesmerism was used for the purpose of entertaining the crowds, through showing them the power of the mind at work.

And though there are many a “puritan” that would shun the entertainers for their use of the art form, all true professionals would agree that hypnosis would have “died out” were it not for the hypnotic performances that kept it alive through the ages.


So what IS street hypnosis exactly?


Street hypnosis is the skill of hypnotizing a subject (whether covertly or not) in a public place, without any prior arrangement or knowledge on the part of the subject.

As mentioned earlier, a street hypnotist uses the same basic skills as a good therapeutic hypnotist.  I say a “good” hypnotist, since there are many “hypnotherapists” who simply regurgitate typed out scripts without using any skills at all.

A street hypnotist needs proper hypnosis skills – skills that are more often taught in Neuro Linguistic Programming.
For example: A good starting point for “covert” hypnosis would be developing your rapport and pacing and leading skills.

Proper mastery of conversational language patterns and rapid and instant induction techniques are also a must if you aim to be a successful, and respected, street hypnotist.

As well as these mentioned skills, there is also another very important thing that a street hypnotist is required to possess, that is a bit more difficult to teach:
The unfailing nerve to actually walk up to a complete stranger and start the interaction with the aim to induce hypnosis, knowing that if you fail, you’re either going to look like an idiot or some kind of glorified stalker.

How does one deal with this rather pressing issue?  PRACTICE!

Being “book smart” will only get you that far.  Constant practice through trial and error, however, is what separates the ones who CAN from the ones who choose to rather hide away behind certifications, point the finger to the ones who CAN and attempt, in their ignorance, to judge the ones who are practicing to perfect their art form, instead of stagnating and relying on a piece of paper to do the talking for them…

In reality, Street Hypnosis was born from the desire to push the boundaries of hypnosis and discover what’s truly possible within the art of suggestion and influence, to see how far it can be applied to influencing people in “real world” scenarios.

Street hypnosis, as you’ll see demonstrated in the videos below, is similar to stage hypnosis, with one major difference:
Rather than standing on a stage and have people volunteer themselves for a night of hypnotic entertainment, street hypnosis takes the principles of stage hypnosis and applies them to unsuspecting members of the public.

When witnessing street hypnosis in action, many find themselves shocked and surprised when a street hypnotist removes the aspect of “free will” and challenges the old theory of “you can’t get people to do anything against their will”





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