Fundamentals Of Influence

influence seminar

  • Imagine if you could harness the potential of your mind to be up to 300% more effective.
  • What if you could increase the influence your communication has over others?
  • What would it mean to you if you could almost instantaneously improve your memory, concentration and focus?
  • Learn the techniques that top communicators use to subliminally layer their communication to entice and intrigue their listeners.
  • Imagine the possibilities of empowering others by suggestively encouraging them to take action NOW.
  • Gain the knowledge of the true power of words, their structure and the deeper meanings we as humans place on them.


How would you use this knowledge to your benefit and the benefit of those you communicate to?


Have you ever looked deeper inside yourself, now, and searched for that part of you that knows that there is more to you than meets the eye and that that YOU has all the available resources to have you experience the power that’s within you right now, outside of you as well?

I’m not saying that these possibilities ring true for you at the moment or even at a later stage when you have experienced enough in life to begin to wonder that there’s more to it than everyone thinks.  What I AM saying is that when you look at the way most people communicate, you will notice how everything is labelled, packaged and expressed in a “watered down” way with the meaning left unclear and at times even seemingly void.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to structure the way you use your words, your gestures and your mannerisms to not only convey what you are communicating to others on a conscious level, but to have your communication seep through straight into their unconscious as well?


“I could literally feel my mind expand with all the information and knowledge I gained from the course.  It was the best decision I ever made.”

–  C. Combrink     (Attorney)


Now I know you might be thinking “This doesn’t seem possible”, but I want to tell you that not only is it possible, but that it’s much easier to accomplish than you might think.

Over the past few decades there have been many political leaders, public speakers, motivators and even religious leaders who have used these techniques I am talking about to achieve seemingly impossible results.  These leaders and speakers have done so without knowing and understanding exactly how they accomplish the amount of success they do.  Call it “unconscious competence” if you will.  They don’t know that what they are using and the way they are using it is in fact different forms of unconscious communication and suggestion.

Despite all the myths that surround suggestion, both in the present as well as in the past, many still don’t understand the concepts and deeper workings of suggestive language and up until now none have put in the effort to demystify this amazing tool for success.

I say up until now, because I  have taken the core concepts and principals of suggestion and removed the mystique around it.  I have “lifted the veil” and broken it down to the scientific principles of language and unconscious communication and created a step by step guide of techniques that will have anyone at the top of their communication and influence skills in a matter of days.


 “It completely changed my life!  I never thought words could be so powerful.”

–   M. Scheepers      (Real Estate Agent)


Imagine being able to use your voice as an amplifier for any experience you want someone, including yourself, to experience.  To be in control of your own focus and attention and in that way be in control of what information enters and how much of it enters your mind.

This is all possible with information shared and knowledge gained in the Fundamentals of Influence course.

  • Be the master of your own mind.
  • Have the influence in your life that you deserve.
  • Direct the thoughts of all who listen to you.
  • Increase your power not only as a communicator, but as an influencer and persuader.



What is covered in the course?



  • History of Hypnosis     –     Where it all began
  • What is Hypnosis?     –     Getting down to the facts
  • How We Create Our Reality     –     What is “real” and what isn’t
  • Sensory Acuity     –     Heightening the senses
  • Rapport     –     Building the connection
  • Preparation    –     What to do before you do
  • Identifying Trance     –     What it is and isn’t
  • Inductions     –     Laying the foundation
  • Deepening Techniques     –     Further down the rabbit hole
  • Anchoring     –     Setting up the triggers
  • Embedded Metaphors     –     Telling that effective story
  • Utilization     –     Everything is there to assist you
  • Scripting     –     Designing your own scripts
  • Principles of Covert Hypnosis     –     From “In your face” to “Did it really happen?”
  • Embedded Commands     –     The basis for unconscious communication
  • Therapeutic Applications     –     Principles of Hypnosis in a therapeutic sense
  • Safety     –     Making sure you’re sure
  • Scope of Practice     –     What is allowed and what isn’t
  • Therapeutic Tools     –     Useful additions to assist
  • Contra-Indications     –     When NOT to hypnotize
  • Abreactions     –     What it is and how to deal with it
  • Hypnotic Entertainment     –     The entertaining side of suggestion
  • Introduction to Impromptu Hypnosis     –     Hypnosis on the fly


Never before has such a comprehensive course on hypnosis, communication and suggestion been delivered in its wholeness.



How much for the Investment in myself?



A comprehensive, in-depth course like this on influence, persuasion and hypnosis, could set you back quite a bit.

Many other institutes and organizations offer courses on hypnosis and communication techniques that don’t even come close to the advanced methods I teach in my introductory course.

Yet when you do an analysis of the insane price tag they attached to their out-dated information you’ll realize that not only is their information overpriced, but chances are you are also forced to learn a range of unnecessary jabber, that (let’s face it) you probably will never use in any real-life situations.

This is where we decided to go against the grain and develop my material from tried and tested methods and from the training I received from international, world-class experts who have decades of experience in the field.

Every single piece of information taught, every bit of knowledge shared, every technique you will learn carries not only Tony’s own seal of approval and experience, but that of world-class experts and masters of their art, who knows what works and what doesn’t and with whose help we were able to remove all the unnecessary jabber that proved irrelevant to real-life situations.

It’s your destiny, when will you decide to choose to design it and live it the way YOU choose, NOW…


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